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Hello Everyone! I know everyone has been waiting for an update so here it is! I am in Phnom Penh Cambodia. I will be here the whole month. I am staying in a super nice hostel and I love Cambodia and its people. God has been gracious and good. Here is what God has already taught me through this experience.  Where my heart is will be my home. Like I said. I love it here. I love walking to the market a couple times a day to eat fresh fruit. I love crossing busy streets, I love walking everywhere, and I love taking a tuk tuk to the places that are to far to walk. I don’t feel drawn to move here or anything but this is where God has me for a month so I am convinced He has made this transition easier than most so that I might dive into ministry. God has given me a heart for this country so even though I miss my friends and family terribly this feels like HOME!  Yesterday for the first time I met the women who head up the ministry I will be working with for the next month. I also met some of the girls I will get to hang out with. Part of the ministry is to provide jobs for the girls who are coming out of trafficking. The girls can make cards or other things to sell or work in a spa. We had the opportunity to hang out in the spa yesterday and I walked in and started crying. The reason that I started crying is because the spirit of the Lord rested there and because the Lord gave me an instant love for these girls. As I prayed about this experience God revealed to me that His presence was not in this spa but dwelt with the heats of these girls. That is where their beauty and kindness radiated from. They had found peace and restoration in a Holy God. Some of them are on the road to that still but are set up for success where they live. I went in expecting to serve and instead I received a mani and pedi. God sure does know they cry of this girls heart. I was humbled to have such beautiful women serve me in such a gracious way.  On the top of my hostel there is a small platform on the roof. I sit up there to seek out the Lord. As I sat up there last night and looked over the city the Holy Spirit whispered to me this… “Welcome Home, but don’t get to comfortable.” I am blown away by the presence of the Lord and by His abundance of love poured over me. I am excited to share stories of the girls and lesson learned over the next month. I am also excited to share with you about the three other homes I will have over the next four months and the struggles that come along with it. If home is where my heart is you all are a part of home and community. Community requires realness and rawness  to grow so I promise to share that with you. Shalom to you all…

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