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This Is Why I’m Still The Stakes Are High

Good Evening friends!

Finally, we have arrived at the pinnacle of everyone’s favorite question to ask: “Why are you still single?”  This is the very last and most important reason…at least in my opinion.

It’s no secret.  I have every intention of changing the world.  I know without a doubt that I will fiercely bring heaven to earth, and do it loudly and (hopefully) as gently as Jesus did.  For the last ten years of my life, this has been the goal, the path that I have followed.  So what does this have to do with dating?

It turns out that it’s pretty difficult to find a guy who is not intimidated by me and who wants to bring change to this broken world as badly as I do.  If this sounds arrogant, I don’t mean for it to.  It’s just what has seemed to be true.  The life that I have chosen costs a lot.  It costs you everything, all for the sake of bringing glory to God and knowing Jesus more.  Most “really nice Christian boys” don’t want to pay the price, and therefore are heading in a different direction than me.

I’ve thought about dating really dreamy boys who aren’t quite “there” yet.  I’ve been told they will grow into it; just give them a chance.  BUT WHAT IF THEY DON’T?  There is too much at risk in the kingdom for me to slow down and wait for that really nice (and dreamy) Christian guy to grow into his calling.  Maybe he will.  I pray he does.  But the stakes are too high for me to take a chance on that guy.  I know that whoever I marry must choose Jesus above everything else.  The world is broken and in need of great healing.  We can settle for nothing less than bringing everything we have to the table. This includes my marital status.  If my call is to help my husband, fulfill his vision and calling, he better have a vision to radically change the world, or I won’t be able to get behind his vision.

Honestly, because of the road I’ve chosen, I never thought I would get married.  Then, one day, God pointed this verse out to me.

Then one of the young men said, “Behold, I have seen a son of Jesse the Bethlehemite who is a skillful musician, a mighty man of valor, a warrior, one prudent in speech, and a handsome man; and the Lord is with him.” – 1st Samuel 16:18

The Lord spoke to me about this being the kind of man that I would marry.  Out of nowhere.  This is a thought that would have never crossed my mind, and that’s why I know it was The Lord.  I don’t know if “the guy” will be musical, and I can only hope that he is a handsome man, but I do know that David was the kind of guy that faced a giant as a teenager.  He believed so much in the true character of God that he was willing to go anywhere and face anything.

David was a man prudent in speech. Wise, careful, and intentional with his words. Maybe not his feels, but that is a different post. I’m looking for this guy. Have you seen him? Because this is the guy who is restoring what is broken with his words. He is building the kingdom with one prudent sentence at a time.

I also really appreciate that David faced giants because any guy who chooses to pursue me is facing a giant. Not because I’m really that scary, but because my future husband must be willing to face the unknown. When it comes to living out our God-given callings, it will always be down an unknown path. And the unknown always feels like a giant we need to slay. It’s hard enough to stay the path, so I know without a doubt if I’m choosing a partner to weather this life with, He has to be willing to slay some giants.

What I notice most about David in this passage, is that The Lord is with him always. COME. ON. That is what I’m looking for. What I am waiting for. A Godly man who the Lord is with always. He is close to God, knows His voice, is lead by His commandments, and KNOWS Jesus.

I know I’m looking for someone with David-like qualities, who is willing to trust God in any situation and follow His call anywhere because God made us to restore His kingdom. That’s a train I could get on.  It’s the kind of grand vision I could get behind.

This. Is. The. Guy.

I’m looking for him. Waiting for him. Or honestly the marriage thing, it’s a no-go. The truth is, I don’t need marriage, or a husband, or even a Davidesque guy, but I wouldn’t mind if God led me to serve and build the Church with a guy like the one I described above but I can’t risk missing out on what God has for my life, because there is some really nice dreamy guy, who plays guitar, asking me to compromise that calling on my life. Yeah, bro, you know who you are. 😉

So…ThisIsWhyI’  I have kingdom things to do.  Until I find someone I can do them with, I will spend all my extra time doing adventurous, scary, unknown, kingdom things with my beautiful friends and community.

Did I miss anything in this series of posts?  Have more questions about my singleness?  Comments?  Concerns?  Chime in! That’s what community is all about!

Also, let me know if you know this guy. Because if he is out there, I know we will build more together than we would apart.

In Reckless Pursuit,

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