I am tiny and brown. I break things, say things I shouldn’t, and I laugh obnoxiously loud. I am a coffee drinker, book reader, lover of people, and fighter for the kingdom.

I know I’m supposed to fill this space with why I’m writing this blog. Don’t get your hopes up on the reasons why. They are not in anyway noble. The truth is that I’m writing it for me. I have this crazy desire to be honest with the world. Normally when I am honest about my mess I find out other people have the same mess. I don’t like being alone. Just like every other blogger out there I want to create community.

Not only do I write to create community but I also write because I desperately want to apply the lessons I am learning to my life.  Donald Miller once said, “A writer learns more from what he writes than the reader, and often applies the perspectives after the book is written.”  I think that is true. I apply most things in my life after I have written about them. So here for all the world to see is my honest, messy, reckless pursuit of my holy, loving, and intimate God. Feel free to comment,email, or join in on social media. Community makes room for everyone.

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