Why NightLight

In the crazy journey of the last year, one question I get asked pretty frequently is “Why NightLight?” First, let me tell you a bit about NightLight and my job. NightLight is an international organization that addresses the complex issue of sexual exploitation through prevention, intervention, restoration, and education. I am the director of our Branson location. Yes, things like trafficking and prostitution exist in the Branson area. There will be a post about that later. So why NightLight? There are a ton of ways I could answer this question. There are so many things I love about NightLight and about my job. But the most efficient way I can think of to answer this question is with a Top 10 List. So here you go. The top 10 reasons I chose to work with NightLight.

10: NightLight wants to make Jesus famous. Not NightLight.

9: NightLight isn’t afraid of the dark places. In fact, we storm the dark places with gentleness, love, and joy. It’s kind of our thing.

8: Our founder, my boss, and the other directors really really want to be honest about what we do, our numbers, and the reality of what this kind of work looks like. There is no smudging the truth to get donors on board.

7: I have permission to dream big dreams about where we are going and what we are going to do.

6: I have permission to follow through on those big dreams. Not just dream them and hang them out to dry.

5: I get to do my most favorite things – minister, make disciples, raise up leaders, pour into the church, and hang out with other broken people.

4: NightLight loves men. Everyone at NightLight longs to see men restored as much as women. Men are not the problem, but the answer. They have a story that God wants to redeem, restore, and use. NightLight wants to join in on the journey.

3: Courtney Dow. My boss believes in me. She empowers me and encourages me. She is the kind of person I have always wanted to work for. She cares about the state of my heart, not only my job performance. She genuinely thinks I am awesome. What a crazy blessing.

2: Who I am is enough. My gifts, my talents, and my resume are enough. I don’t have to fit the box to fit the job. The job fits who God has called me to be in this season. I don’t have to play the part to keep the job. I just have to be obedient to God. HOW MUCH FREEDOM DOES THAT BRING?

1: NightLight’s heart is not only to end sexual exploitation, but to see individuals, including staff and team members, find complete healing through our Father God. It’s not just about the issue. Its about the individual and the gospel. My favorite things.

OK! Why do YOU love NightLight?

What? You know nothing about NightLight. Find out more here. Then tell us why you love NightLight. We can always use the encouragement.

Want to help me pay the bills while I work for NightLight? You can donate here. My entire salary is fund-raised so I only eat if generous people give. Make sure you choose my name in the drop-down box on the website.

Have more questions about my role, where your money goes, NightLight, or how you can help? E-mail me at mindy@nightlightinternational.com.

Need more NightLight? Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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