This is Why I Am Still

A few weeks ago, I posted the 4 most common questions that I get while I am out speaking about NightLight. (You can read that post here.) I invited people to ask any questions they might have about me and NightLight. Well, you guys are awesome and asked a ton of questions. And one of the most commonly asked questions was, “Why are you still single?”

I think the question really is, “Is it by choice? If so, why?” There are lots of answers to that question. Some deep. Some funny. Some embarrassing. So I’ve decided to address this question in a series of posts. To people in the mid-west, it’s a weird decision that I’ve made. So I want to address some of the misconceptions that come along with this choice.

When I was on the world race, my friend Kristin Bruce used to make jokes when we would do something ridiculous and say “” I tend to still use this phrase when I do something silly. For instance, I cry while watching baseball occasionally, or while watching a superhero movie where the good guy dies (even if I know he will come back later). I’m clumsy. I fall down the stairs a lot. I still listen to *NSYNC. I break lots of things. I spill my coffee every day. My roommates, Robert and Tami Griffith scare off boys before we even get to know each other. Now, all these reasons are funny and silly, but the reality is I’m single, and there are three real reasons.

1: I have high standards.

2: I am terrified of lots of things that come with marriage.

3: I’ve got kingdom things to do.

Want to know more about those 3 reasons? Stay tuned. It’s about to get real up in here.

What about you? Why are you single? Why are you not single? Why have you made the choices that you’ve made when it comes to your marital status? I would love to know!

One comment

  1. rachealdhelmick · September 30, 2013

    I think in our 20s, it singleness looks like a choice. In your 30s, you realize it’s a reality God is asking you to trust Him with. Until we are married (if/when), as one friend put it, we are single for His glory and our good.


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